Author: Capstone IT Solutions

The Growing Impact of AI in the Software Development Process

June 26, 2024 in Artificial Intelligence


Artificial intelligence is poised to redefine the boundaries of what technology can achieve. Across industries, AI algorithms are empowering organizations to work smarter, faster, and more productively than ever—and the field of IT is no exception. According to a GitHub survey, 92% of developers now leverage AI coding tools to increase the efficiency and quality […]


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Unraveling the Strangler Pattern (Part II): 3 Phases of Planning & Analysis

May 8, 2024 in Solutions


Although the Strangler pattern can be helpful for IT infrastructure migrations and transitions, it’s not without its risks. Most of these challenges, however, come from haphazard decisions, underestimated complexities, and uncoordinated actions. In other words, effectively implementing the Strangler pattern approach requires careful planning and analysis. This article, a continuation of our six-part “Unraveling the […]


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Unraveling the Strangler Pattern (Part I): An Introduction to the Optimal Application Modernization Approach

April 18, 2024 in Solutions


Modernizing legacy systems is critical for unleashing flexibility and scalability in the fast-evolving digital landscape. However, the process isn’t entirely risk-free. Businesses must navigate a range of potential challenges—from service disruption to data loss—as they make the transition to the cloud. It’s no wonder why 55% of businesses struggle to determine the right approach in […]


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Conducting a Thorough Application Modernization Assessment

March 14, 2024 in Solutions


How can your business update its legacy systems and optimize for an efficient, scalable future? 87% of organizations agree effective digital transformation hinges upon application modernization success. However, the solution isn’t as straightforward as it may seem. Every business can benefit from an application modernization strategy—but the term can encompass a range of tactics. Selecting […]


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Capstone IT Solutions Receives Tanzu Partner of the Year Award from VMware by Broadcom

March 12, 2024 in News


Omaha, NE, March 12, 2024 – Capstone IT Solutions, a leading application modernization business, is honored to announce its recognition as VMware by Broadcom’s Tanzu Partner of the Year in North America. This accomplishment comes just weeks after the company received a formal invitation to become a Broadcom Premier Partner, displaying the growing strength of […]


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Capstone IT Solutions Earns AWS Qualified Software Badge for CaaS+ Solution

January 1, 2024 in CaaS+, Solutions


Omaha, NE, January 1, 2024 – Capstone IT Solutions, a leader in application modernization, is proud to announce the certification of CaaS+ by Capstone IT Solutions—its turnkey Containers as a Service offering—as a qualified software by Amazon Web Services (AWS). As the company continuously integrates innovative features, this accomplishment affirms CaaS+ as a reliable, effective, […]


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VMware Recognizes CaaS+ by Capstone IT Solutions as a Validated Service Offering

October 9, 2023 in CaaS+


Omaha, NE, October 9, 2024 – Capstone IT Solutions, a leading application modernization company, is excited to announce the certification of CaaS+ by Capstone IT Solutions—its turnkey Containers as a Service solution—as a VMware Validated Service Offering (VSO). This achievement provides public confirmation that CaaS+ is functionally and architecturally complete, establishing Capstone IT Solutions as […]


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4 Key Benefits of Working With CaaS Providers

April 27, 2023 in CaaS+, Solutions


Efficiency: It’s the difference between winning by a photo finish or leaving your competition in the dust. Every growth-oriented company needs to find ways to operate more efficiently, optimizing costs, processes, and workflows—and even your software packaging approach. In the past, applications were large and complex, frequently running on legacy infrastructure including different computing environments […]


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Capstone IT Solutions deploys VMware-hosted MSP solution to streamline data management for booming agribusiness

February 6, 2023 in Solutions


OSHKOSH, Nebraska – Capstone IT Solutions, a leader in application modernization, has successfully deployed a managed service provider (MSP) solution for Oshkosh Heifer Development (OHD), a leading producer of dairy cattle. Hosted on VMware’s Tanzu platform and designed by Capstone IT Solutions, the solution has modernized OHD’s existing software platforms into a single, cloud-based application […]


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3 Ways to Simplify Your Business Transition to a DevOps Culture

November 11, 2022 in Solutions


When your business is dependent on quickly and regularly launching new features, iterations, or applications, your team members need to accelerate delivery without sacrificing quality. Many IT innovators suggest DevOps as an ideal way to reduce SDLC costs by 50% while speeding up delivery from request to production. However, the transition is vastly more complicated […]


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