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A Leading-Edge Innovator in Application Modernization

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Glen, VP of Solutions at Capstone IT, is an experienced IT transformation leader who understands how digital transformation enables long-term business success. If you’re seeking a featured expert who can provide robust technical insight—or offer a candid look at digital transformation from a business perspective—Glen is the visionary guest you need.


With over 25 years of senior leadership experience, Glen has led the development and implementation of cutting-edge solutions that have propelled enterprises toward future-proof infrastructure. His innovative contributions paved the way for Capstone IT Solutions to earn a host of prestigious awards, including recognition as VMware by Broadcom’s Tanzu Partner of the Year.



Leveraging his wealth of experience in business and technology, Glen offers unparalleled expertise in building operational efficiency through IT strategy. Gain actionable insights that will help your audience improve their profitability and time to market—all while managing risks and the organizational impact of digital transformation.



With specialized expertise in cloud computing, Glen has spearheaded the development of cloud consulting, migration, and optimization services at Capstone IT Solutions. Expect a thoughtful discussion on the opportunities cloud infrastructure, containerization, and related solutions can offer now and in the long run.



Glen is at the forefront of AI innovation. Thinking ahead of the market, he offers a transparent look at the challenges associated with using public AI solutions like ChatGPT for business. He also equips your audience with insights on private AI opportunities—which he is actively leveraging as he leads Capstone IT Solutions into a cutting-edge future.

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