How the New VMware vSphere Updates Help Developers Unlock Kubernetes

by Capstone IT Solutions on October 13, 2020 in Solutions

Can we do it faster and better than ever before? It’s a question that deep down, every agile development team wants to answer. Creating and deploying software better and faster is the impetus behind the rise of DevOps culture and growth of the containerization approach (expectations are that container usage will grow 64% by 2022).

In the pursuit of app modernization, there’s an emphasis on finding new efficiencies and ways to streamline the process.  These goals are achievable whether the initiative is migrating a legacy app to containerized microservices or creating cloud-native apps for use across hybrid IT environments.   

VMware’s newest offerings promise to deliver those goals. The most recent VMware vSphere updates offer businesses a streamlined and simplified way to adopt Kubernetes. As a result, greater scalability and faster time to market are well within reach – and with shorter hurdles to boot. Here’s some insight into the most relevant advantages from their announcement.

Even Faster App Releases

For those familiar with container-based development, one of the primary gains for DevOps and development teams has always pertained to delivery timetables. The ability to bundle application code with the configuration files, libraries, and dependencies required to run the final program, regardless of the host operating system, saves substantial amounts of time. When those applications are then deployed with Kubernetes orchestration, teams deliver reliable, scalable production systems in less than half the time previously required.   

The challenge is your team needs to learn Kubernetes, a technology known for its complexity. In March 2020, VMware introduced VMware Tanzu to begin to bridge the gap between the operations and development side of modernizing apps and infrastructure. The recent updates shorten the learning curve, enabling professionals, developers and administrators, to rapidly adopt Kubernetes.

Rather than building Kubernetes clusters from scratch, this revised version of VMware vSphere with VMware Tanzu enables businesses to set up environments faster by leveraging existing technology, tools, and skill sets. Now, businesses modernizing their applications can deploy Kubernetes clusters in minutes with the added bonus of providing developers with self-service access to the IT infrastructure.

As a result, this improved efficiency can fundamentally improve overall development and operations lifecycle and reduce the time spent on protracted administration processes.

Getting the Most Out of VMware Tanzu

These updates are part of VMware’s evolution from its position as the industry leader in server and network virtualization, adding a critical piece of the app modernization puzzle. With 95% of new apps using containers, integrating Kubernetes with their established offerings provides new and current customers with enhanced capabilities. However, a key element of this transition is working with IT solutions provider partners who have an app modernization focus, and strong Kubernetes and container skills.

For those working with VMware Tanzu or Kubernetes for the first time, an experienced partner can help make the transition to containerization more manageable and economical. Rather than boiling the ocean, your partner can help define your urgent needs, whether it’s a critical legacy application or a quick win for your organization, so you can deliver your first pilot project – showing the expected benefits can be achieved in your environment.

Capstone IT’s process is designed to help businesses realize operational savings and efficiency right away. Experience with containerization and Kubernetes services in addition to VMware enables Capstone to pinpoint the type of projects that will increase efficiency, prioritize security, and improve your overall speed to market. By getting to know your business and your needs, we can recommend cost-effective use cases to transform your business. 

In the end, your team will have applications they can write once and run everywhere, saving time and money with a portable package. Better still, your developers will have significantly more time to spend on new applications, new features, and new ways to enhance your business compared to today.

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