4 Key Benefits of Working With CaaS Providers

by Capstone IT Solutions on April 27, 2023 in CaaS+, Solutions

Efficiency: It’s the difference between winning by a photo finish or leaving your competition in the dust. Every growth-oriented company needs to find ways to operate more efficiently, optimizing costs, processes, and workflows—and even your software packaging approach.

In the past, applications were large and complex, frequently running on legacy infrastructure including different computing environments and operating systems. Today, innovation is helping increase speed and agility in these legacy applications. For 93% of organizations, the preferred way to package software applications is now containerization, an increasingly popular application designed to simplify everything from deployment to maintenance for your team.

While virtual machines (VMs) were once the go-to solution for businesses, containers are proving to be a beneficial, lightweight, and portable alternative. Compared to a VM, which must carry its own guest operating system (OS), a container is much less bulky. It has all the code and dependencies it needs to reliably run anywhere, anytime. In short, containers let you operate more efficiently, more securely and with enhanced business performance.

Now, you can accelerate your digital transformation by working with a Containers as a Service (CaaS) provider. Here’s how a CaaS managed service provider can help.

1. Efficiency

Moving containerized applications to the cloud and taking advantage of pay-as-you-go models offered by CaaS providers allows you to eliminate upfront hardware expenses. As a result, you can lower associated infrastructure management costs. A CaaS solution allows your business to become more flexible and scalable under a pay-as-you-go model.

2. Achieve Modern Speed

The cost-efficiency of containers is largely due to their speed. Containers spin up fast, making them ideal for modern platforms like Amazon, which have many discrete applications and services to initialize, run, and terminate in a short period of time. The ideal Containers as a Service offering should support autoscaling so you can maximize both speed and efficiency.

3. Operational Efficiency

A CaaS solution eliminates traditional maintenance and support challenges, such as OS patching, networking, and infrastructure upgrades. Additionally, developers can easily track and monitor applications throughout the software development lifecycle service to verify optimal CPU usage and ensure they meet performance targets.

4. Security

High-quality CaaS offerings combine the benefits of infrastructure security with development, security, and operations (DevSecOps).

DevSecOps enables the accurate, automated, and continuous assessment of your applications and services. It allows your business to proactively identify vulnerabilities and weaknesses, so you can quickly minimize security risks.

Infrastructure and container security, on the other hand, enables enterprise-grade security at the speed of DevOps. It provides continued visibility into containerized applications while integrating seamlessly into existing DevOps processes. With VMware, security teams can enforce compliance and reduce risk for Kubernetes environments at scale, all without increasing operational complexity.

Streamline Further with a Managed Service Provider

Implementing containerization can be a hefty task, particularly for businesses currently reliant on traditional software infrastructure. Equally important, skilled application modernization, containerization and Kubernetes talent is extremely hard to find. Another large challenge in the adoption process is finding skilled DevOps software development expertise.

Leveraging a managed services offering from an experienced provider means you can focus on being a subject matter expert while working with solution partner skilled at planning, building and running modern applications. CaaS+ by Capstone IT Solutions, is a purpose-built container as a service offering powered by VMware Tanzu and complemented by our deep-bench professional services. With CaaS+ by Capstone IT Solutions, businesses can benefit from:

  • VMware Cloud built on AWS Infrastructure
  • Kubernetes clusters on demand
  • DevOps CI/CD pipelines as a service
  • Integrated security
  • DevSecOps

CaaS+ also equips your team with the ability to plan, build, and run an optimized app environment in a minimal amount of time.

As a 25-year leader in integration IT solutions and staffing, Capstone IT is hyper-focused on solution delivery and lifecycle support for the rapidly growing managed services market expected to reach $354.8 billion by 2026. The “+” in CaaS+ highlights the superior expertise of our engineering talent and technical acumen of our engineering leadership in this space.

Partnering with a CaaS provider is an opportunity to enhance your efficiency, increase speed to market, and increase application security—and as your app performance improves, your company performance can too.

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