VMware Recognizes CaaS+ by Capstone IT Solutions as a Validated Service Offering

by Capstone IT Solutions on October 9, 2023 in CaaS+

Omaha, NE, October 9, 2024 – Capstone IT Solutions, a leading application modernization company, is excited to announce the certification of CaaS+ by Capstone IT Solutions—its turnkey Containers as a Service solution—as a VMware Validated Service Offering (VSO). This achievement provides public confirmation that CaaS+ is functionally and architecturally complete, establishing Capstone IT Solutions as a VMware vendor of choice.

The VMware VSO certification will enable Capstone IT Solutions to continuously expand the capabilities of its managed services offering. By leveraging VMware’s virtualization expertise, the company can streamline its path to developing and launching cutting-edge features—such as private AI integrations—for CaaS+ customers.

“As a trusted VMware partner, our team can consistently accelerate time to value while strengthening application security,” said Glen Tindal, Vice President of Solutions at Capstone IT. “Our collaboration with VMware, paired with our containerization expertise, has already bolstered CaaS+ with a united security framework. Moving forward, we aim to deliver an increasingly resilient solution and seamless experience to customers.”

Capstone IT Solutions’ emphasis on innovation will continuously help clients elevate their business agility through CaaS+ in coming years.


About Capstone IT Solutions

Capstone IT Solutions offers a range of specialized solutions to propel businesses toward future-proof infrastructure. Its fully managed service, CaaS+ by Capstone IT Solutions, enables the firm to offer a plan-build-run approach, seamlessly supporting customers throughout their application modernization journeys. The company’s IT advisory and implementation services further help organizations navigate complex technical challenges, now and in the future.

Capstone IT Solutions believes in serving people through the transformative power of technology, providing businesses with the opportunity to succeed, grow, and do something bigger. As part of this commitment, the company is dedicated to paving the path to innovation—introducing cutting-edge AI solutions and beyond—to continuously unlock business potential for customers.

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